The Pregnancy and Baby Book review

By Dorling Kindersley

The brilliant thing about this book is its breadth of coverage. It is a “one stop shop” from conception to dealing with your three year old child. As such, it could become a faithful companion to a woman as she makes the transition from mother-in-waiting to seasoned parent. From the…

The Low GI Eating Plan for an Optimal Pregnancy review

By Dr Jennie Brand-Miller, Dr Kate Marsh and Dr Robert Moses

Its title may not be catchy, but the name of this book fits its content nicely. The guide is straightforward, practical and gives you exactly the information you need. There have been numerous diet “fads” that have caught the world’s attention. From believing that eating fat was bad, the pendulum…

The Day by Day Pregnancy Book review

By Dr Maggie Blott

The nine months of pregnancy can feel like a giant countdown. After your midwife has given you your official “due date”, there is little else that you can think about, as you while away the next 40 weeks. This book taps into this obsession with counting down. After an initial…

The Contented Pregnancy: Essential advice for conception to birth review

By Gina Ford and Dr Charlotte Chaliha

Former maternity nurse Gina Ford is known for her no-nonsense approach to baby care, advocating rigid feeding times, controlled crying and strict bedtime routines to encourage a ‘contented little baby’. Whether or not you agree with Ms. Ford’s approach, lots of new mums swear by ‘The Gina Method’ to get…

The All-New Complete Pregnancy Cookbook review

By Fiona Wilcock

It is so refreshing to see a book that is full of suggestions for what you should eat during pregnancy, rather than a long list of what you mustn’t touch. Fiona’s Wilcock’s tone throughout the book is informative rather than a long lecture. She does not try to induce guilt….